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03 de Fevereiro, 2014
Side events happening at EXPOCOOP.

EXPOCOOP goes beyond being a business fair, side events will be held at the internal auditoriums during the three days of the fair. The cooperative class, along with politicians and social representatives will be debating important themes for the future of the Cooperatives. Please check:

The city of Curitiba in Parana is going to be the stage of the fourth edition of the BRICS Group Countries Cooperative Leadership Meeting, better known as BRICS Coop. BRICS’ objective is to commercially approach the cooperatives from the five participating countries and to promote the cooperation between them. Its meetings are summoned by the Government of the Country that holds the presidency for a period of one year.

The inclusion of women in the cooperative system and the incentive of their contribution in generating Jobs and income are the main objectives of the program "Programa de Genero e Cooperativismo" (Gender and Cooperatives). The Cooper-gender consists of training that approach themes such as citizenship, economy and production. The focus is to generate work and income to improve the self-esteem and help the women to understand their ability and competence in order to integrate them in the economy and society.

"Specialized Meeting of the Cooperatives from Mercosul"
Reinforcing the integration of cooperative between the countries that are part of the Common Market of the South (Mercosul) is one of the challenges to be overtaken by the top of the organization during the Specialized Meeting of the Cooperatives from Mercosul (RECM). RECM is one of the instances formed with the support of the member countries to strengthen the cooperative integration.

There is still time to book your stand at EXPOCOOP.

If you wish to take your cooperative to exhibit in EXPOCOOP, get ahead and during the month of January book one of the few available spaces. The fair is going to be attended by professional buyers, cooperative leaders, government agencies, politicians, journalists, and around 6,000 general public visitors from around the world. Leverage your business with EXPOCOOP.

Make you booking through: anabranco@expocoop.com or call +351 218 076 242 (Portugal)

Para mais informações: /http://www.expocoop.com/


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